Covenant Eyes

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Covenant Eyes is an internet filtering program. I have Covenant Eyes in my house on our phones, iPad, and computer. I ended up choosing Covenant Eyes for several reasons. First, I will explain how we came about having internet filtering,

When I first found out that my husband had been watching pornography regularly, I no longer had ease in my house. I knew we had many ways to get on the internet and I was not always right there “watching”. I was very upset when I knew I would be going to bed early or going somewhere. I always thought in the back of my head, “what if he is still watching pornography?” I could no longer trust his word, so I really never knew if he was or was not. I was deeply saddened to think that I could not ask my husband such as simple question as, “what were you doing on the internet?” and receive an honest answer.

I fully believe that a problem with lust and pornography begins in someone’s heart. Therefore, having internet filtering cannot cure someone of lust. Only Jesus Christ can do that. But, as wives, we have many specific ways that we can help our husbands be successful with temptations. I believe that God has called me to make sure my home is pure. There are many ways that I have done that. For example, there was a time when I did not express my opinion as to what movies or television shows my husband watched. Now, I have a strong voice in our home. I do not allow anything objectionable to be viewed in our home. Many times, that even means commercials. This can seem radical to some. I like to think how my home would be if Jesus was right there. That is my guide now in life. Nothing else. My husband recently told me how nice his life is without all the media and internet watching.

Due to those reasons, I knew we needed to have internet filtering in our home. I needed to know that no matter what, pornography could not be watched in our home or on my husband’s phone outside of our home. The only ways that he ever watched pornography were on our computer and on his phone. Once Covenant Eyes was on both those devices, it took such a huge temptation away from him. I think it’s truly a blessing anytime we can help our husbands be successful with this. Additionally, this has helped us to restore our marriage. When my husband repented fully to God and me, he told me that he would do anything to help our marriage. One of those things for me was to know fully what he was doing on the internet. He accepted that as a way for us to rebuild trust and to remove temptation.

At first, we tried using some of the free filtering that is available. Those never worked because eventually, they would stop recording accurately or stop functioning. We decided to go with Covenant Eyes because it is only $9.99 a month. It never has problems and it works wonderful on all our devices. I cannot see a time when we would not have it because of how much it has helped us.

I believe that having Covenant Eyes was just one more step from God in restoring our marriage. If you have a specific question about Covenant Eyes and how it works, feel free to e-mail me at We’ve had it for about two years now, so I am very familiar with how it works.

Sign up for Covenant Eyes and get your first month for free when you click on this banner

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