A Valentine’s Day Gift from the Wife of a Pornography Watcher


I know we’ve all been hearing a lot about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. I’ve seen many posts offering unique gifts for your spouse. Some of these have great suggestions. However, if you’re like me, there may have been times that Valentine’s Day was painful. Many of you are struggling to rebuild your marriage. Some of you are feeling hopeless with the cycle of your husband’s lust.

There have been a few Valentine’s Days that brought me deep sadness. But, this year, I’d like to offer a post with some hopeful gifts for your husband. The first year after I found out about my husband’s pornography viewing and unfaithfulness, I felt awful. I couldn’t think about getting him the usual mushy-type gifts. This is why I think Valentine’s Day can be a nice opportunity to give him a gift of encouragement. Some gifts can bring us closer to each other and the Lord. Of course, if you’re working toward reconciliation, still give him the gift you know he’ll love.

So, here are some gifts to provide your marriage with hope. Some of these I’ve given to my husband.

Devotions for Couples

This is a devotional that my husband and I just started reading. We got it at Christmas time. So far, it is really wonderful. Each devotion is filled with insight. I always love doing devotionals with my husband because they really only take about 10-15 minutes to read. If your husband is not a huge book-lover, this is great. It is a nice way to spend the end of each day together. We also use this time to pray and talk about our day.

Draw Close

This is a devotional that I’ve talked a lot about. This is because I started this one with my husband when he wasn’t really following God yet. It was hard. But, I asked him to commit to reading at night together for about 10 minutes. He agreed. This was how we first established having a time every day to connect. And we worked through a lot of things while we read this book. I would recommend it to any marriage.

Bible Journal

This is a nice journal to remind us all of what love really is. Love is not defined by the world. But, it is clearly stated in the Bible.

Coffee Mug

I love to give my husband a gift that has a verse on something I know he’ll use. Having God’s word near us, just reminds us of Him throughout the day.


I think this is a nice shirt to encourage your husband in his walk with God. It will also show that you are believing in him.

Praying Man Sculpture

This small sculpture is really beautiful. It has a lot of meaning in it. I think it will encourage our husbands in the importance of their prayer life. I am giving this this to my husband this year. It has meant so much to me to see the change in his life. One of the biggest changes in him is that he starts each day off by praying completely alone.

War Room

This movie is very encouraging for husbands and wives. It would be nice to watch together for a stay at home date night.

Worthy of her Trust

This is a good book if your husband is actively looking to gain back your trust. My husband is working through this book right now. He likes it so far and finds it very helpful.

Valentine’s Day can be hard. I know this. Please know that I am praying for you and your husband. I hope you will look to God to guide you through this celebration of love. 

You can join our confidential Facebook group at any time. We have a really nice group of women who are here for each other and praying for each other.

God bless you.


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  1. I love the Harley’s! Dr. Harley’s work was pivotal in redeeming our marriage. I have not read this particular work and will be buying it for the two of us to read! Thanks for this practical post!


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