Hello and welcome! My name is Robi Smith. I am a wife and a mother to four children. I have been married for 13 years. 3 years ago began my journey of discovering my husband’s pornography use and unfaithfulness. I am following God’s will for my life to share my journey with other hurting wives. I also have a Master of Counseling in Counseling Psychology. I have studied individual, group, couples, family, and marriage therapy.

On the main page I will be sharing my story exactly how it happened starting three years ago. I will also be posting encouragement. The additional pages will contain helpful articles and comfort to hurting wives. Thank you for visiting! I’m so thankful you made it here.

I advise anyone who is suffering to see a Christian Pastor or a Licensed Counselor. This site is to bring hope, healing, and unity to wives. However, many will greatly benefit from the expertise of a trained professional.

Your first month is free at Covenant Eyes when you click on this banner.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I actually help out on a forum on reddit under the username hopefulwife for this same issue, thought it was cool that I found this. Are you looking for anyone to contribute?


  2. Hi, I invite any wife who is willing to share her story on this site. I believe it helps us to heal when we can unite and pray for one another. Thanks for the offer.


  3. I am so thankful a friend of mine shared this email with me. I am in the depths of this issue with my marriage of 7 years and it is nice to have a place to relate to. Who is able to put in writing their story, journey and advice on how to get through. And the with the influence of God is just a bonus! Thank you for your willingness to share and encourage others!!


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