Encouraging Music


Sometimes when I am deeply troubled, I listen to encouraging music. The type of music I mean is music that speaks to my soul. It makes me feel close to God. It leads me in the right direction of following God. Below is a sample of my most heartfelt songs. Songs that I really needed to get through the most discouraging times in my marriage. I pray that they would comfort your soul as well. When you click on the album, it will lead you directly to Amazon for the specific song title. I will also be updating this because there are so many encouraging songs in my life. If you have found a song that has helped you, please tell about it in the comments and I will add it to the links.







8 thoughts on “Encouraging Music

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  2. Thank you! Music has also been so important for me in this very difficult journey. Casting Crowns Thrive CD really speaks to me, especially Just Be Held and Broken Together. My husband told me he likes Broken Together and I had to tell that there’s only so much brokenness I can live with. We’re separated right now but I’m not giving up hope.


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