Prayer for Healing


Maybe you have just found out your husband watches pornography. Or maybe you have known about this for a very long time and you are suffering alone in your marriage. Perhaps your husband has repented and is well on his way to living for God, but you are still hurting from the betrayal. Whatever your specific situation might be, if you are hurting please know that God can heal you.

Psalm 30:2 says:

O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.

Whatever you are facing today, God is there. You can call out to God and He will help you. If you’re feeling hopeless, please pray this prayer with me:

Dear Holy God, 

Thank you that you know my situation today. You know how deeply I am hurting. I feel so alone and hopeless in this situation. But, God, You promised in Your word that I could call out to You for help. So right now, I am crying out to You. I trust that You will work in my life. I trust that you will heal the hurts that I am feeling. I thank You that You are a perfect, holy God who is capable of working miracles in my life and in my marriage. I ask you for that today. I love You Lord.

In Jesus’ Name,


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