An Update on My Marriage: My Husband Decided to go to Counseling


Periodically, I try to give an update on how my marriage has been currently. I talk a lot about past struggles, but I think it’s also important to share where we are today.

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My husband decided to go to a counselor. I have been frequently asked if my husband goes to counseling or if he has an accountability partner. Many wonder why he does not have an accountability partner. I think he would personally like to have one. However, he has not met someone yet that he feels he can share the details of his life with.

Because of this, we decide it’s best to share our lives, thoughts, temptations, and struggles with each other. However, due to several reasons, he has started going to counseling weekly.

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A New Year’s Prayer

A Prayer on Hopeful Wife Today

This prayer is for the wife who is looking for hope in the New Year.

Dear Holy God,

The New Year is coming. Only You, God, know what will happen in this year.

Only You, God, knew all that would happen in my life. And I know I do not want to repeat these events again.

I am coming to You, God, for a new prayer. I’ve had prayers of sorrow and anger. But, let this prayer be different.

Let this be a beautiful prayer of hope to my Holy God. I love You, God. And I trust You more than any other.

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Christmas is Coming, Along with Painful Memories

Immanuel-God with us

Christmas is coming. With this realization, comes a lot of excitement. Most of us are preparing for this Christmas season. There is much to do with decorating and exchanging gifts. We’ve put the tree up and started playing Christmas carols.

I have many beautiful memories of past Christmas Days. I’ve always particularly loved Christmas and all the astonishment surrounding it.

However, despite all this joy, I know that me and you have painful memories of Christmas time. Maybe you are caught right in the middle of a struggling marriage. Or maybe you have been on your way to restoration. But, there are still painful memories. Whichever situation you are in today, God is with you.

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God’s Light

light 5

Some moments of life seem very dark. Those moments are empty, hopeless, unbearable times. We wonder, where is God? Everyone around seems like they are just getting along fine with life. People everywhere are laughing, talking, and going about their day. But, inside of you, you’re stuck in this dark moment.

You probably planned how your marriage and family would be. You would make such wonderful memories together. You’d have so many happy times. Love would be abundant, people caring about each other, and everything would be great.

I know within that image you never pictured your husband would be addicted to pornography. You never thought the special man you wanted to spend your whole life with could ever hurt you this deeply. We often think certain troubles will happen to other people. Then, one day, they happen to you. And you’re left in a very dark moment. What do you do now?

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Mother’s Prayer


Dear God,

I thank You for Mother’s Day. I thank You for all the mothers. Please be with each mother that is not celebrating. Bring her your peace and comfort. If her husband is addicted to pornography or recovering from pornography, please be with their marriage.

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I Was Sad on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day was a very difficult holiday for me. I’m sure many women coming to this site can relate. Especially now when I am looking back at the past few years. How did that first Mother’s Day feel after I found out my husband was addicted to pornography? Obviously, I did not feel like a special woman in my family. I was not cherished. I was not honored. Mother’s Day was more of a reminder of what my family was lacking. I found it hard just to get through the day.

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No Longer Silent


I have been silent for three years. I went every single day never telling a single person about the troubles I was going through. Deep inside, I was hurting with excruciating pain. Pain I never thought I would experience. You are probably wondering why I was silent. The reason is my husband was addicted to pornography. This secret, hidden, humiliating sin brings shame and scorn to anyone who mentions it. That is why I was silent. God has opened my heart and told me that it’s time to share my story.

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