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There are a few ways that you can support Hopeful Wife Today.


I am so thankful for your prayers! Please pray for this site. Pray that God would speak to the wives and husbands that come here. Pray that God will heal the hurts in each wife and that marriages will be restored.

Affiliate Links

You can support this site by purchasing anything on Amazon through one of the Amazon links. I will receive a small percentage of anything you buy on Amazon when you’re redirected from this site. I also will receive a small percentage from any subscription to Covenant Eyes from this site.

Financial Support

If you would like to financially contribute to Hopeful Wife Today you may do so below through PayPal or the donation link. A financial gift enables me the time to write and manage this site. If you feel God leading you to make a donation please choose a form below.

I greatly appreciate your support!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

If you would like to donate any amount to Hopeful Wife Today please click on this link:

Donate to Hopeful Wife Today

As a thank you for your donation, I would like to send you The Ten Prayers electronic book. This is a small electronic book of ten prayers for the wife who discovered her husband watches pornography. None of the prayers have been posted on this site. They are my own personal prayers from my journey of discovering my husband’s pornography use. The ten prayers are for: Hope, Healing, Trust, Anger, Love, Beauty, Faith, My Husband, Restoration, and My Marriage.

Ten Prayers

If you make a donation of any amount, I will e-mail you the electronic copy of this book. After you have made a donation, please e-mail me at and I will send it to you.

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