Top Ten Ways to Help Your Husband Overcome a Porn Addiction

Top 10 Ways to Help Your Husband Defeat a Porn Addiction--fight WITH him, not AGAINST him!

Can a wife actually help her husband end a porn addiction?

Many marriages are ending due to the effects of pornography. The marriages that are staying together after a pornography addiction are spending years to heal and rebuild trust. Husbands are being trapped in this powerful temptation. Many men see no way out of porn. Many women are hopeless to even try to help their husbands.

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Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is an internet filtering program. I have Covenant Eyes in my house on our phones, iPad, and computer. I ended up choosing Covenant Eyes for several reasons. First, I will explain how we came about having internet filtering,

When I first found out that my husband had been watching pornography regularly, I no longer had ease in my house. I knew we had many ways to get on the internet and I was not always right there “watching”. I was very upset when I knew I would be going to bed early or going somewhere. I always thought in the back of my head, “what if he is still watching pornography?” I could no longer trust his word, so I really never knew if he was or was not. I was deeply saddened to think that I could not ask my husband such as simple question as, “what were you doing on the internet?” and receive an honest answer.

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