A Second Chance on Father’s Day

Fathers Day

There were many years that I had a tough time with Father’s Day. I was confused and wondered, “How do I celebrate my husband as a father when he has participated in such an awful sin that is certainly not honorable?” To be honest, I really didn’t want to celebrate the holiday for him at all. If it were up to me, I would just ignore it completely. But then that wouldn’t be fair to my children. That wouldn’t be fair to my husband either because I was willingly working to restore our marriage. So how could I approach this day in a way that was genuine? I didn’t want to spend the day “faking” happiness. Maybe you have felt this way or you even feel this way right now. You might be tempted to use Father’s Day as a day to show your husband everything he is not. You might want to take all your hurt out on him and explain all the ways he’s lacking as a father and husband. You might want to make him feel some of the pain and disgust that you feel inside. The problem with all of that is it’s not God’s way.

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