The Importance of Scripture, Prayer, and The Holy Spirit

Importance of Scripture

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21 (NKJV)

This verse is an essential part of my life. It describes how I try to live my life. This way of living is not easy. It involves total reliance on God. I have failed living life this way and I still do fail many times. However, each day I renew my commitment to follow God. How do we do this? How do we make a commitment to follow God and actually live it out? This can be especially difficult when we’re right in the middle of heartache. I would like to explain how I choose to follow God each day.

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Prayer for Forgiveness


Dear God,

Please help me today as I am seeking forgiveness. There is so much I need help with today. I need forgiveness from You for the ways I have acted. Please forgive me with my struggle of not trusting in You, God. Forgive me for when I have acted in anger and gone against You. Forgive me for questioning You and for forsaking You.

God, please help me with forgiving my husband. Forgiveness in this area is so very difficult. I know I can only do it with Your help. Please come into my life and guide me in what I should do. If my husband is repentant, help me to give my hurt to You and forgive him. It might take years of restoration and healing, but you’ll meet us there, God. If my husband is not repentant, please show me what to do. God, please guide me to help bring him into repentance. God, work in his life to bring him to Your will.

Dear God, forgive us both for the things we have done. Use this situation to bring us both closer to You and closer to each other. Only You God can truly heal. I ask this today God.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

God’s Light

light 5

Some moments of life seem very dark. Those moments are empty, hopeless, unbearable times. We wonder, where is God? Everyone around seems like they are just getting along fine with life. People everywhere are laughing, talking, and going about their day. But, inside of you, you’re stuck in this dark moment.

You probably planned how your marriage and family would be. You would make such wonderful memories together. You’d have so many happy times. Love would be abundant, people caring about each other, and everything would be great.

I know within that image you never pictured your husband would be addicted to pornography. You never thought the special man you wanted to spend your whole life with could ever hurt you this deeply. We often think certain troubles will happen to other people. Then, one day, they happen to you. And you’re left in a very dark moment. What do you do now?

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5 Ways Your Marriage Can Be Stronger After You Survive A Crisis


Going through a crisis in your marriage is not an enjoyable time. However, if you both rely on God and follow God’s plans for your life, your marriage can become stronger than ever. Every marriage goes through a crisis eventually. There is no avoiding it. This is the time that many go through painful divorces. However, if your marriage survives the crisis and you come out on the other side, you can share an intimacy you never knew was even possible. God has shown me, through my marriage, five ways that your marriage can be stronger after you survive a crisis.

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Prayer for Hope


Dear Holy God,

We thank You for today. We thank You that You give us hope. We cannot hope in ourselves or in our husbands. That type of hope is useless. Only You, God, can bring about change. Only You can change someone’s heart. Only You can heal someone’s hurt. You have the power to work miracles in our lives. You can take our desperate situation and turn it completely around. We’re trusting You to work in our life. That is the reason we hope in You today God! Thank You for hope!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen