A New Year’s Prayer

A Prayer on Hopeful Wife Today

This prayer is for the wife who is looking for hope in the New Year.

Dear Holy God,

The New Year is coming. Only You, God, know what will happen in this year.

Only You, God, knew all that would happen in my life. And I know I do not want to repeat these events again.

I am coming to You, God, for a new prayer. I’ve had prayers of sorrow and anger. But, let this prayer be different.

Let this be a beautiful prayer of hope to my Holy God. I love You, God. And I trust You more than any other.

I beg You for hope. Please fill this upcoming year with hope and amazing change. God, this is the type of change that only You can bring. I know that, God.

I ask You to come in my husband’s life and bring change. Take his sinful desires far from him. Bring us close again. Please, restore our marriage.

Of all the pain and all the hurt, let this year be new. Let this year be the year of change. Please God, help me draw close to You each day. Show me Your will for my life, that I may follow Your plan. Your perfect plan. Only You know the reasons and the answers. Mold me into a child of great faith.

Lord, I commit this year to You. I love You, God. I hope in You, God.

In Jesus’ precious Name,


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One thought on “A New Year’s Prayer

  1. Thank you, Robi, for this whispered prayer. I am looking to God for the hope to step into this New Year in confidence. I KNOW He holds the future, and His plans are sure, but it has been a long road, and the way ahead is still shrouded in the fog of doubt and confusion and indecision on my beloved’s part. I do not know what 2016 will bring, but I know WHO holds it in His hands. I need to remember that my trust is NOT in my husband, nor any other man, but it is in GOD alone. Blessings to you for your boldness and bravery in sharing your testimony and walk through this valley. I have been encouraged by your posts, if only to know I am not alone in this fight.
    Father, send your angels to do battle in the unseen places, and defeat this scourge that is destroying so many men, families and marriages.
    Hold us and give us a glimpse of Hope today, Father.


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