Restoring Marriages Bible Study: Our Sorrow

Marriage Restored

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Psalm 30:5 says

Weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.

In marriage, we all go through times of sorrow. This is true for life in general. We all go through moments of sorrow. Right now, your marriage may be living in sorrow. Even if you are rebuilding, you may be caught in sorrow.

Husbands may be feeling the sorrow that comes with regret. Regret over the choices made. Regret over addictions and habits that are difficult to break. Sorrow over the pain they have caused.

Wives may also be experiencing sorrow. There is sorrow that comes from painful memories. There is sorrow over dealing with the knowledge of your husband’s struggle. Sorrow for the brokenness of your marriage.

It may seem like there is sorrow everywhere and it can feel like it is unending.

Yes, we may be in this time of sorrow  we do not know how long it will last. Or, most likely, it will come and go in phases. There is One who promises us that our sorrow will leave.

Please read today’s verse together. What are your feelings about this? Does it give you hope? Can you trust in this promise together?

Take a moment to journal your thoughts about this verse. Share it with your spouse.

If you are caught in sorrow, try writing this verse on an index card. Read it each morning, every night, or throughout the day. Count on this promise from God. Your sorrow will last for a night. But joy will come. Keep trusting in God. Keep coming to God together. He will hear your sorrow. And in His time, you will experience joy again.

Dear God,

Thank You that You know our sorrow. You hear us and You understand us. You promise to be our comfort. God we are going to trust in You that our sorrow will last for a night. Joy will come to us again because it is in Your word. We can count on Your promises. We thank You, God, for Your faithfulness.

In Jesus’ Name,


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