Hopeful Wife Today- Confidential Group on Facebook


I would like to share with you a group I have started on Facebook. This group is for wives who are hurting from their husbands pornography use or unfaithfulness. It is a “secret” group on Facebook. This means that no one can see the posts or the names of the people in the group except group members.

This idea was suggested to me by a reader. I think it is a wonderful idea. You will be able to talk freely with other women that are experiencing what you are going through.

As you know, this tends to be a silent sin. Women feel like they have no one they can talk to. Many feel like they are all alone. That is why this group was started.

I will be adding daily posts. These posts will have prayers, scriptures, questions, personal stories, and many more things. We will be able to pray for each other and comment to each other in a more personal way.

Any wife is welcome to join. If you would like to join, please go the Hopeful Wife Today Facebook page. Send me a private message briefly explaining why you want to join the group.

I know that God is going to bless this new group. I am already praying about it and for the members that have joined. We will be able to support and encourage each other daily.

Your first month is free at Covenant Eyes when you click here or on the ebook below.

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