Prayer for Guidance

Prayer for Guidance

This is a prayer for guidance. It is for the wife who knows her husband watches pornography or is unfaithful and doesn’t know what to do.

Dear God,

I am coming to you today for guidance. God, I am so lost and confused. I have no idea what to do. All I know is that I am hurting and that this isn’t right. I know I have to do something. But, God I need Your guidance.

Please God guide me in what I should do. Give me the courage to go to someone for help. Show me in Your Word what I need to read. Lord, please guide my words when I talk to my husband. Help him understand that our marriage needs to change. We cannot tolerate this sin any longer. It is not in Your will and it is destroying us.

Right now, it all seems confusing. Sometimes, I’m filled with fear. That is why I need guidance. I know God that the only true guidance is from You. And I want to follow You in my marriage. So, please help me in my choices. Bring me to the right people for help. Show me the books that will help us. Give me the words when I talk to my husband. Help me to study Your word.

Let me know that You will be there in the actions I take. You will be there as I seek help and set boundaries. I know that You don’t want me to silently do nothing. Please be with me as I take these steps in my marriage. I love You, God.

In Jesus’ Name,


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