Prayer for Unity


Dear God,

I come to You today to pray for unity. I pray for unity between my husband and I. It seems that we are so far from each other. How can we ever grow close again?

We’ve been through so much hurt and mistrust. We’ve been through hopelessness and sorrow. It’s hard to imagine this is the man I loved and married. So really, God, I am asking for Your miraculous power to come into our lives. Touch Your hand on our marriage and move us back together again. Please God, help me to believe this can be true. Bring Your blessings onto this situation. Let us treat each other with kindness and gentleness again. Lead us back to You, God. I pray this from every depth of my heart. I love You Lord.

In Jesus’ Name,


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8 thoughts on “Prayer for Unity

  1. Hi Kayla,
    I read all your comments and I want to let you know that you are a strong woman of God. I admire your strength in following God through this. You are so brave to share all the personal struggles you are going through and I know you are an encouragement for many women who are going through this. Thank you for sharing your written thoughts. I’m so glad you’re working on forgiveness and that your husband is growing. That is such a blessing. I am still praying for you of course. God bless you each day Kayla!


  2. Dear Robi, thank you for the encouragement , it does mean a lot to me, its hard to see myself as a strong woman of God when my eyes burn with tears so much of the time, I was wondering, are you sure you want to keep my above comments posted, for some reason when I wrote them, I did a couple things, I mentioned my husband by his first name, not that he ever would probally explore this blog but also I am a little overwhelmed by what I shared, I was thinking of you and telling you all but forgetting , it is posted, if you really think they will help others you can keep them or maybe “modify” them let me know, I hope that as I keep sharing with you and doing the setting captives free study and seeking God in time I will heal when something new other than the above mentioned hurts come to mind ( unbelievable I’ve thought of even more) I forgive him in Jesus Name by faith and even though it still hurts I am trying to take the steps to give God all my feelings so I can forgive from the heart, though I’ve always been pretty good at expressing my feelings to God. I am trying to recall the many good thing you and others have shared with me about forgiveness one thought this afternoon has been how even though I have shared how deeply my husband hurt me with him, I have had him hold me as I have wept, many times, and he has repented that that repentance was because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit not because of my sorrow, to remember that God convicts and if I think that contstantly weeping and complaining to my husband will make him even more repentant is false, an illusion, only God can help him grow, so right now I am going to take a few more moments to cry in the Lords arms because only He can heal me.
    Another reason I thought you might remove my last post is because when I started to write them I was thinking I would pray through them and then toss them away as representing casting them on Him, so with them all nicely typed out I may be thinking I will want to go other them again and again,,,


  3. Dear Kayla,
    I did remove your above comments because I know you were unsure about them. If you ever need to talk about things that are too personal for comments, you may e-mail me at any time.


  4. hi Robi, thank you, I do want to ask for prayer though I know this isn’t the prayer request spot. My husband and I have a counseling session tomorrow morning, and l feel like it is an important one, although they all are. I was reading through some of the things I wrote down when dealing with so much pain.. and I found something I wrote about a conversation we had in June, basically he made some comments to me that I may talk to you more about later, but they made me feel like they nullified his whole apology, of course that is just the feeling I had and I tried to bury it in my notebook and we even did talk to it a little with the counselor then. but as I read through my expressions and my pain at the time hoping I would be able to go –yeah this is resolved– I can toss these notes instead I saw that the hurt and misunderstanding from that conversation have really helped to put me in this stuck anxious state and are hindering my rebuilding of trust, I called him at work and just mentioned that I would hope to process that conversation tomorrow and that I am nervous about it and he basically said yes, go ahead and we’ll work through ilt, I asked him to try not to say defensive things, just to listen and empathize,, so we’ll see how that goes, I may tell more details later, but the conversation at the time was basically in his impatience to get me to heal and move on quicker he thought that if I say myself as :not really putting that much into the relationship either at the time of his cheating” then I would be able to forgive him and move on quicker….. it devasted me because we had already addressed and I had already started lovingly working on the areas that he had shared with me, when he repented that his “flesh ” or satan had used as a excuse to help him justify the cheating, I already felt “inadequate” enough and struggled with feeling like a failure, but when it comes to my love and desire for him and desire to put my heart and soul and passion into our relationship I had never wavered in our time together, I had always been wanting to spend time with him and desired intimacy in every way, he had pushed me away and not wanted me to intitiate more intimacy because of his guilt and anger toward me and his secrets.. any way thank you for your prayers and pray God will help me not to be afraid and to speak the truth in love


  5. thank you, you may have got my email. a ps to that, we did have a really good talk when he got home last night, God bless thank you again for all the prayers!


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