Prayer for Love


This is a prayer for wives when they are suffering from their husband’s pornography use or unfaithfulness.

Dear God,

I am coming to you today to ask for Your love. I am desperately in need of it. Right now I feel so unloved. I feel unworthy. I don’t know if I ever really was loved or if I’ll ever be loved again.

I have loved so deeply. In return, I was trampled on. My husband forsake a special, intimate place inside of me. Instead of feeling loved, I am just hurt.

So I ask you, dear God, to show me Your perfect love. You are the only one who can fully love me. You are the only one who will never let me down. You know everything and You understand everything that I am feeling. You even understand why I am feeling unloved.

You, God, are the one who knows how much I dreamed of love and romance in my marriage. You knew the excitement I felt about being with the man I loved forever. You knew all my hopes and dreams for my marriage. You, God, knew it all.

Now, I’m faced with the fact that those dreams didn’t come true how I had hoped. In fact, nothing is how I hoped it would be. But, God, You promised that you give hope to us. You can somehow bring love back into this marriage. It starts with Your perfect love.

So, God, please give Your love. Give Your love to me. Give Your love to my husband. And somehow, bring love back into this marriage. I trust You, Lord, that you love me.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Love

  1. Dear Lord, thank you for this website. She speaks the words that I hold inside, afraid to speak out loud. She may as well me reading my mind! I know I am loved by you, Lord, and that should be enough, but I crave pure love from my husband – instead I just feel so beaten down and unwanted and ugly and sad. I will focus and pray on the words I’m reading here, the transparency provided by this beautiful lady that I myself cannot begin to imagine in myself. Lord, thank you for loving me enough to never leave me and to walk with me through my pain.


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