Restoring Marriages Bible Study: Day 3

Marriage Restored

If you are just starting, please check out Restoring Marriages Bible Study: Day 1.

Psalm 33:4 (NKJV)

For the word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth.

Today we are going to discuss truth. Specifically-God’s truth. Truth has to do with a lot of other things. Truth can mean openness, faithfulness, or trust. If your marriage is hurting because of pornography use or unfaithfulness, truth probably means a lot to you. Most commonly, when one spouse is unfaithful, it is a hidden lie. And when our husbands are deeply addicted to pornography, it is usually something that was hidden their whole life. Now, everything is known and exposed. Now we have the truth. This truth is such a difficult thing. It is crushing. It is suffocating. It can consume our whole marriage and life if we let it. But, God can show us how truth can be a blessing too.

There are some things that we need to know about truth. First, God brought this truth to you so that nothing could be hidden in your marriage. For wives this is very important because you have to remember that God wanted you to know this. It can be really hard to see this now, but God wants to turn your broken marriage into an intimate, Godly love. God also wants you to be the one to help your husband grow close to God.

For husbands, truth is essential. You must know that God brought your secret to light so that you can follow God’s plans for your life. You cannot have a loving, intimate marriage and be unfaithful to your wife.

For both wives and husbands, please know that God is truth. The Bible verse today says that the word of our God is right, and all that He does is in truth! Truth is who God is! This is so important in your marriage because you both need to accept that God will always work towards truth. This means that as a wife, you can put all your trust in God that He will open your eyes to the things you need to know about your husband. God will show you the steps to take and the ways to help him. As a husband, you can know that God wants you to openly come to your wife about any struggles you are having. God made husband and wife in marriage one person for so many reasons. One reason is for you both to draw close to God and each other so that you can share your struggles and help each other!

Isn’t that truly amazing to think about? That as husband and wife, we can talk openly to each other about our struggles, fears, and hurts. This is what I want to encourage you to do each day. This is what my husband and I started doing with our Bible reading and prayer time. We really started sharing our intimate feelings and thoughts with each other. It was so hard at first, but it was worth all the effort. It helped my husband a lot to hear how his actions hurt me so deeply. And it helped me so much to hear him actually talk honestly to me about his life and his difficulties.

God wants this so much for your marriage. God wants to bring His truth into your life so that you can be open with each other. God is our perfect example of truth. He shows us that everything He does is truth. This is what we each have to strive to be like as husband and wife.

So for today, start an honest conversation with each other. Do this without yelling, blaming, or arguing. Do this just to openly share yourself. Wives- tell your husbands how you’re doing and what you’re going through. Also, tell him how he can help make it easier for you. Share with him how he can start to earn trust from you. Husbands- try to openly share what’s going on with you. Tell your wife how you’re doing with temptation. Tell her how and when she can pray for you. Tell her how you’re trying and how it’s going. Make sure you bring God to the center of this through prayer.

Lastly, how has reading the Bible and praying been going? Have you committed to do this each day? Have you kept your commitment? If you’re doing this study alone as a wife, you can still talk to your husband about all these things. Open up a conversation in a non-threatening way and just tell him how you’re feeling. Ask him if he would pray with you? I’m praying so much for everyone that is doing this study. I pray that you would trust in God’s truth today.

Dear wonderful God,

Thank you so much that you are the God of truth! It’s so hopeful to know that even though we are suffering from unfaithfulness, God, You are always faithful. You will always work in truth to bring about the best in our lives. Truth is something that was so difficult in our marriage. God, please change that. Come into our marriage today and show us how we can follow Your example and be truthful. Help us have an honest conversation about how we’re really doing inside. Please guide us to understand each other, but not to fight with each other. God, draw us closer to each other and closer to you. We ask you this today, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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