The Importance of Scripture, Prayer, and The Holy Spirit

Importance of Scripture

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21 (NKJV)

This verse is an essential part of my life. It describes how I try to live my life. This way of living is not easy. It involves total reliance on God. I have failed living life this way and I still do fail many times. However, each day I renew my commitment to follow God. How do we do this? How do we make a commitment to follow God and actually live it out? This can be especially difficult when we’re right in the middle of heartache. I would like to explain how I choose to follow God each day.

Scripture and Prayer

The most important thing that I do to follow God each day is read the Bible and pray. This brings us and keeps us so close to God, even when we are having a hard time doing it. Also, when I say read the Bible, I mean more than that. Many times in my life I have just studied one particular verse. Usually, this verse has spoken directly to my heart and I just like to think about it. I think about how God is using this verse to direct my life.

Studying scripture renews our life each day. When I am having a rough time in my marriage, I start to loose sight of the things I really value and the way I want to act. However, when I draw close to God again, all these things are brought back to me. Reading God’s word keeps me constantly close to Him.

Prayer is the way that we talk to God. This doesn’t have to be any type of formal wording. I have to admit that I went through years that I didn’t speak actual words to God. I just closed myself up somewhere in the house, got on my knees, and cried before God. I truly bared my emotions and pain to God. God hears these prayers. He hears when we are in so much pain that we cannot verbalize a prayer. This comforted me to know. I knew that God could feel what I was going through and He knew what I needed before I could ask. God has also heard all my long prayers. However, these “silent” prayers are just as important to staying close to God.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is one with God and Jesus Christ. I’m not sure if everyone realizes how important the Holy Spirit is in our lives. The above verse describes the Holy Spirit. When you are born-again by accepting Jesus Christ into your life and repenting of your sins, you are given the Holy Spirit in your life. The Spirit moves us in the right direction and guides us along God’s path. I rely on the Holy Spirit more than ever now. My flesh wants to stay angry at my husband. My flesh wants to remember the past and hold it close. My flesh wants me to keep ruminating on the hurtful things that happened in my marriage. However, it is the Holy Spirit that guides me to walk away from that path. The Spirit shows me the path of God, which is love, forgiveness, trust, and kindness. This is what Isaiah 30:21 means. There is a voice that whispers to me telling me the right way to go. This voice is much quieter than all the voices of the world and the flesh. I have to actively train myself to listen to the Spirit.

The ways that I learn how to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance are through Scripture and Prayer. This is because they keep me learning about God and close to God. Through scripture, I can learn God’s words to me. Then in the time of need, the Spirit will whisper them to me.

Does anyone feel this way in their own life? Do you follow the Spirit? Where are you in your path of following God. Also, has anyone else experienced the “silent” prayers that I talked about above? Please share in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Scripture, Prayer, and The Holy Spirit

  1. Hi infinitelyunveiled,
    When I experience my deepest pain and trouble with forgiveness, grace, and moving on I need to hear the words of Jesus. I usually read the gospel of John, but the same words are in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. So much of what Jesus taught is about grace and new life. When I read and meditate of the words of Jesus, I cannot help but hear his will for my life. His whole plan and message was forgiveness. It contradicts all our natural thoughts. But, in my heart I can feel peace and then I am able to move on from that painful moment.


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