Prayer for Forgiveness


Dear God,

Please help me today as I am seeking forgiveness. There is so much I need help with today. I need forgiveness from You for the ways I have acted. Please forgive me with my struggle of not trusting in You, God. Forgive me for when I have acted in anger and gone against You. Forgive me for questioning You and for forsaking You.

God, please help me with forgiving my husband. Forgiveness in this area is so very difficult. I know I can only do it with Your help. Please come into my life and guide me in what I should do. If my husband is repentant, help me to give my hurt to You and forgive him. It might take years of restoration and healing, but you’ll meet us there, God. If my husband is not repentant, please show me what to do. God, please guide me to help bring him into repentance. God, work in his life to bring him to Your will.

Dear God, forgive us both for the things we have done. Use this situation to bring us both closer to You and closer to each other. Only You God can truly heal. I ask this today God.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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