Staying Healthy When You’re in a Marriage Crisis

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When we go through a crisis, we often forget about being healthy. We are so caught up in our emotions and stress that we make things worse by forgetting how to take care of ourselves. I can see a clear distinction in the way I handled my marriage stress when I was healthy versus unhealthy. I am not just talking about our body being healthy, although this is very important. I am talking about our mind and soul being healthy too. What makes this so difficult is that when we are right in the middle of this stressful time, the last thing we tend to think about is how “healthy” we are. But, it makes a really big difference in how you feel and how you react to the stresses around you. This is why I want to share with you some important ways to stay healthy even when you’re in the middle of a marriage crisis.

Spending Time Alone with God

When you are just trying to survive and get through the day you can barely think straight! You might be so caught up in thinking about the stress of your marriage. However, you need time alone to think about the important truths. Those truths are God’s love for you and His will for your life. We can remember those things when we read God’s word and pray. To refresh our mind and soul we need that time alone with God every single day.

Go To Sleep Early

The first thing I do when I am deeply hurting is keep myself up very late. I start thinking about the awful things in my life. I look on different websites for help and comfort and end up going to sleep so late! This is always harmful for me. I wake up so exhausted and feeling even worse. I found that when I was stuck in that routine, I felt much worst about my situation. I was short and angry with my husband. I lost patience with my kids. Yes, my marriage went through very hard times. But, being incredibly exhausted made it so much worse. Try to get into the habit of giving it to God for the night and making sure you are as rested as you can be.


Exercise in your favorite way, not in some way that you dislike. It can make you feel so much better just to go on a long walk outside. I try to walk on my treadmill at night right after I put all the kids to bed. I noticed that when I am in this pattern of exercising, I feel so much better about everything. And I sleep better! It’s just how our bodies work.

Talk to Someone

Frequently talk to someone you love and trust. Talk to someone just to talk. This isn’t necessarily to find an answer, but just to let out what is weighing heavily on your heart and mind.


Do something that is really encouraging to your marriage. I always think about reading an encouraging marriage book. A great example of this is 52 Things Husbands Need From Their Wives. Even though when I was reading this book my marriage was far from great, it still encouraged me. It made me think about a hopeful future instead of the current mess we were in. I’ve found that when I concentrate on what I can do now instead of the past, I feel so much better. I also like to listen to encouraging music. Sometimes I play the same song a few times really loud. I let the message of it just soak right into me. You can visit Encouraging Music and Books to Grow Your Marriage for some great examples. Please add your own suggestions to those pages and how they’ve helped you.

Help Someone

Maybe you know someone who is also facing a difficult season in marriage. Maybe you know a wife who is near divorce. You might be able to do something to help her. You could spend time praying for her or doing something special for her. You might have another way that you could help someone. Just the event of helping someone with something can get our minds off of our current crisis for the moment. Of course, we’ll come back to it shortly. But, we all need that break to think about something else.

There are many different ways to stay healthy during a crisis. Have you done something that really helped you? Please share it in the comments because it might help another wife too. I pray that as you are going through this very difficult time in your marriage you can have a respite from it. I hope you can do something that makes you feel better and refreshed even if for a few moments. We all need to take care of ourselves even when we are deeply suffering.

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