Helpful Books: 52 Things


52 Things Husbands Need from their Wives and 52 Things Wives Need from their Husbands by Jay Payleitner are two very helpful books.

After I found out that my husband was viewing pornography, I realized my marriage was not what I thought it was. After I got past the initial shock and sadness, I wanted to actively work on my marriage. One way that I work on my marriage is by reading with my husband. We do this by first and foremost reading the Bible. The Bible should be our number one reading material always. We read the Bible together and separately. There are also many books that can help us grow together as a couple and individually. So, I started my search for great books that will help us both grow closer to God and closer to each other. I would like to start sharing in detail the books that I love and that have helped both my husband and myself.

The above books are great starters for any marriage. They were really easy to read. This was an easy book to convince my husband to read (he is not typically a reader) because the chapters are very short. Each chapter is about three pages. Therefore, reading one chapter each day or two is very feasible. The information that is in each chapter is so helpful. I found all the advice very wise. An extra reason why I love the book for husbands is because the author actively speaks out against pornography! There is one chapter specifically about pornography. There are also about three chapters where the negative effects of pornography and lust are discussed. My husband is discovering a lot of great things from the husbands book.

I enjoyed the wife book because it helped me remember to love my husband. Sometimes I would get so angry and caught up in the past that I actually would forget how to love him! This book helped me stay grounded by pointing out ways that I can show my husband love. It was so easy to read and just so encouraging throughout the whole book.

Both of these books are great to read if you have extra moments during your day where you can read just one chapter and be reminded of how important the marriage relationship is. It’s really a blessing if you can talk about what you’re learning with your husband and he can talk about what he is learning too. After my husband hurt me so deeply, it felt wonderful to see him trying to work on our marriage. Him reading this book and practicing what he read helped my trust in him grow a lot.

I hope you’ll give them a try. If you’ve read this book or have anything to say about it, please leave your comments. Also, if you know any great books that have helped your marriage, let me know. I’d love to check them out. I’ll be praying for you as you seek to restore your marriage. (Clicking on each book image or title will bring you directly to Amazon for a full description of the book)

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