Why Should I Follow God in This?


Each day you have a choice. You can decide to follow God through this devastating path you never thought you’d be on or you can choose to do it your own way. God wants you to follow His way in your marriage. I’ll show you why this is so important.

God sees the future.

We see the right here and right now. It is impossible for us to understand what God can do with this situation. We can only place our trust in Him that He knows what will happen when we follow Him.

God has the best plan.

Often we react based on our feelings and interpretations. However, if we step back and let God unfold His plan, we will see that God’s plan is the best plan. We can’t always see this right away. Also, it’s very hard to think this way. It’s hard to see past the tremendous hurt we’re experiencing. But, God has a plan in this. He can take your awful situation and turn it into something beautiful. Today my marriage is something better than it ever would have been. The trauma that we went through brought us both closer to God and each other. Before I found out about my husband’s pornography, we were both empty people. Now our hearts are filled with God’s love and that is what makes us closer to each other.

Only God can heal you.

Without God you will stay empty and broken forever. Your husband cannot heal you. He cannot mend your broken heart. His actions will change from time to time and he will have moments of failure. If you base your happiness solely on your husband, you will always be broken. God gives us many resources, but only God can heal you. The way that He does this is through a relationship between you and His Son Jesus Christ. When you have that relationship, He comes into your heart and you can become whole. He will take your sorrow and provide comfort. This healing is not fast. Sometimes it may take years to come out of this valley. But, God promises that there will be a day of joy. We can only experience that joy in Him.

God wants to restore your marriage. It is part of His perfect plan. You can make a commitment today to follow God and trust in Him. You can know that He will always have the best for you. Even when it’s painful, He is there. He is right beside you. If you let God, He will lead the way.


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