Your Husband Needs You to Love Him


Do you ever wonder if your husband needs you? Do you get stuck thinking that you might not matter that much to him?

Knowing that our husbands chose pornography in marriage can make us feel pretty worthless. you may even ask:

“Does he need me to love him?”

The answer is yes!

Your husband needs you to love him more than you think. Most often, our husbands felt deep guilt and shame after their pornography use was discovered. They want to know now, more than ever, that we still love them. I’d like to show you 5 reasons your husband needs you to love him.

1. He needs your support.

It would be very difficult for him to quit pornography if he didn’t believe you’ll support him. He wants to know that you’re cheering him on and that he can quit.

2. He is living in shame.

I believe that our husband’s pornography use is something we will never truly understand. That is why I have given it over to God. God has shown me that my husband was living in complete shame and disgust at who he was. When he knew that I still loved him despite the man that he was inspired him to grow in Christ.

3. It will help him draw close to God. 

God has called me to love my husband like Jesus does. Many times I have read the gospels so that I could truly study how Jesus loves. Jesus always loves someone despite their sins. He loves each person while they are still in sin. When I show my husband godly love, he is encouraged to move closer to God.

4. It will make you grow in God.

Loving my husband when he has hurt me so deeply takes a tremendous amount of trust in God. It takes everything I have and brings me close to God. I never thought I would grow in this way. Also, I have never grown more then when I trusted my husband to God and left the work up to God.

5. It will restore your marriage.

A marriage must have Godly love to be restored. When we show our husband this love, it will motivate him to love us like that in return . Godly love does not accept sin. Godly love will have consequences for sin. Yet, Godly love still loves the person that is in sin. This is God’s whole plan for marriage.

God will bless you and heal you when you commit to love your husband and follow God. It is definitely not the easy thing to do. At times it may even seem impossible. But, through God all things are possible.