The Cross


As we have passed Good Friday, and we come to Easter Sunday, we remember Jesus died on the cross for our sins and He rose again. Of course we know this very well. But, let’s think about our life for a moment. Specifically, let’s think about our husband.

Every time he sinned against you, Jesus nailed it to the cross. Each time the man that you love secretly betrayed you, Jesus nailed it to the cross. And Jesus rose from the dead. In the same way, your husband can rise from the dead. He can become a new man. This awful, disgusting sin can be dead once and for all. It’s Jesus’ whole promise to us. It can be a very slow, torturous death, but it can happen. If we choose to trust in God, we can see our husbands change little by little. God will show us the next step to take. It may seem small and insignificant, but each step will be one step closer to the old man dying and the new man being born. You may feel hopeless where you are right now. But you can choose to keep going on. You can follow the next step God shows you. And believe in the miracle of the cross- that your old marriage may be empty and dead, but praise God- a new beginning can rise again!