Just for Me

imageWhen I began walking through this devastating path sometimes I got tired. I was tired of learning how to help my husband. I was tired of learning about why he was tempted by pornography.

I was tired of praying for his healing and repentance. I was tired of urging him to be honest. I was just so tired of it all! I wanted a place for me. I yearned for a place where I could go and talk to other wives who were in the exact same situation as me! I wanted someone to understand and care about what I was going through! Just from time to time! Is that really too much to ask? I was the one that was truly hurting anyway. And yet I went each day without ever receiving that. Well today, this site and this time is just for you! Take the moment to pray, read, and know that the women here understand what you’re going through. For once- this is for you.