The discovery of my husband’s pornography use was almost three years ago.

I was in argument with him over some text messages that he deleted off his phone. They were a whole strand of messages between himself and a co-worker. He said the messages were nothing bad but he knew I would not like them because they seemed like flirting. That was why he deleted them. I had been checking his phone and messages periodically because suspicions in my heart were starting to rise.

What I did next changed my life. While he was napping I took his phone and hooked it up to the computer. My intention was to find deleted text messages so I could ensure that my husband was being honest. What I found were deleted bookmarks and screens of pornography sites. This was the day my life changed and started me down a new path I never imagined I would go down. My precious, loving, husband of ten years had a secret addiction to pornography and lust for most of his life that he carried into our marriage. It was always there lurking behind every good memory. However, this was the first day that God opened my eyes and made me fully aware. This was the day I became broken.